System Products

System Product

A control system that maximizes the potential of the pump.

Sakura Seisakusho has delivered about 3000 units of control systems with pumps at the core, in units called Chemical Injection Equipment, both in Japan and overseas. This equipment is used by boilers for large-scale plants that require high reliability, such as power plants and petrochemical plants.


Functions and Features

・High precision flow control can be customized according to the customer’s required specifications..
・Simple installation work by stage
・Suitable for wide range of applications from large scale plants to small scale units for research purposes.

Chemical injection equipment for domestic thermal power plants

Chemical injection equipment for seawater desalination plants

Chemical injection equipment for bearing cooling water, for overseas thermal power plants

Field of application


Thermal power plants

For thermal power plants
・Boiler medicinal injection equipment
(sodium phosphate, hydrazine, ammonia, caustic sode, ferrous sulfate and urea dosing equipment)
・Chemical injection equipment for bearing cooling water


Geothermal power plants

Caustic sode injection equipment


Waste incineration plants

・Chemical injection equipment for boilers
・De-nitration equipment for exhaust gas treatment systems


Water treatment plants

Water treatment chemical injection equipment
(pH control, flocculent, sulfate band injection equipment)


Petrochemical plants

Chemical injection equipment


Seawater Desalination Plants

Chemical injection equipment

Catalog Download

The catalog contains detailed information on the features of the Chemical Injection Equipment. You can download a pdf version of the catalog here.


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