We will create new value with our customers

We have been supplying chemical injection systems and other unit products to various industries such as electric power and petrochemicals, both in Japan overseas.
Based on the control and unitization know-how we have cultivated over the years, we will work together with our customers to create new value and solve problems.

The Strengths of Sakura Seisakusho


01Technical expertise cultivated over many years

Since our establishment in 1947, we have been providing a wide range of industrial machinery systems such as Heat Exchangers, High-pressure Metering Pumps, Chemical Injection Equipment, Thin-Film Evaporators, and Static mixers to a wide range of industries.
Based on the technical expertise we have cultivated over the years, we offer custom-made, high value-added equipment, unit products and technologies that meet the needs of the increasingly sophisticated and diversified industrial needs.


02One-stop system from design to manufacturing

We carry out integrated in-house production and offer a full range of services from research and development of new technologies based on user needs to design , material procurement, manufacturing, instrumentation, inspection and shipping of equipment and systems. We also offer a maintenance service to maintain the quality of our customers’ equipment, including regular inspection and maintenance work after delivery and the sale of replacement parts and consumables.


03Flexible responsiveness backed by experience

We work with our customers in Japan as well as overseas. We have a numerous achievements in complying with each country’s national standards, document preparation and product export. We offer units and skids as a basis, which reduces the time and effort required for on-site installation. Please feel free to contact us.

Process until delivery



Please use the inquiry form to let us know the specifications of the system you want to implement.


Specification meeting

Specification meeting
Based on the customer’s requirements, a product specification and quotation will be prepared while having consultation meeting with our customer, if necessary.


Design and Manufacturing

Design and Manufacturing
Once an order has been placed, we will design the product based on your requirements. After the customer approves the design documents such as specifications and drawings, we will start manufacturing the equipment.


Inspection and Delivery

Inspection and Delivery
After the production is completed, we will carry out a shipping inspection based on the inspection procedure manual.
After passing the inspection, the product is delivered to the customer’s designated location.
We will provide a full range after-sales service even after delivery.


If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact us

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